Hands for Hope, Inc. is an innovative non-profit organization designed to Employ, Educate, and Empower women who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.
Hands for Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



St. Augustine and St. Johns County have a large population of homeless women and children. In part, this is due to low paying seasonal jobs that have low wages, and do not provide sustainable employment. One job loss can put a family at risk of homelessness. The most vulnerable are women and children. Hands for Hope, Inc. seeks to provide job security, education, and skills to help the most vulnerable end this cycle of homelessness, and thrive.

As a charitable organization, we depend on your help to continue to help our community.  Your donation will help pay for sewing supplies, equipment, and training.
Thank you very much for your donation.


Hands for Hope, Inc. provides jobs creating handcrafted sewn products that are appealing, high quality, creative, and desirable for a large consumer base. The products are sold in retail stores locally, nationally, and in an online store.

Women who work at Hands for Hope, Inc. receive job training, education, fair wages, good working conditions, and nurturing, enabling them to leave homelessness for good, and thrive.

At work, women participate in the organization. They learn all aspects of the business including product design and development, production, budgeting and finance, marketing, product distribution, web design, computer skills, and time management. As they learn, they become active participants in the business, acquiring a sense of pride and ownership in the organization.

Over time, they develop expertise in their own areas of interest in the organization, learn to create their own businesses, and become eligible for employment using their newly-acquired skills.

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